“Lil Nas X’s Woke Premeditation of NFL DFS Thursday Night Football Picks Pays Off Big Time”

Lil Nas X’s Astute Premeditation of NFL DFS Thursday Night Football Picks Pays Off

It’s been reported that Lil Nas X, the famous rapper and singer, has been making some shrewd investments lately. In what’s been considered one of the top 5 woke issues of 2020, it turns out that the young artist has been premeditating his way to the top of the NFL DFS Thursday Night Football picks.

That’s right, Lil Nas X has been placing bets on the Week 17 NFL season, which opened with the Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans matchup. According to sources close to the artist, he used his insider knowledge of the teams to his advantage and made a series of picks that have earned him a tidy sum of money.

The millionaire contest winner has even gone so far as to offer up his own picks for the matchup, including his recommendation to pick Dak Prescott and the Cowboys as the winning team. He also offered DraftKings and Fanduel advice for those looking to build a successful fantasy lineup.

It seems that Lil Nas X’s astute premeditation has paid off in a big way, as his picks have been proven to be on the money. With the help of his insider knowledge, the artist has made a tidy profit from his NFL DFS Thursday Night Football picks and is sure to be a fixture at the top of the leaderboard for the rest of the season.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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