“California Cracks Down On Virat Kohli’s Controversial Tweet, Announces Ban On India-Australia ODI Match”

In an unprecedented move, the state of California has proposed a ban on watching the India vs Australia third ODI match after a controversial tweet by Virat Kohli went viral.

The tweet, which showed a picture of the Indian captain in hysterics after Steve Smith took a seemingly poor DRS decision against the batter during the match, has caused a stir among cricket fans around the world.

The tweet has caused such a sensation that the California state government has proposed a ban on the match, citing the ‘negative influence’ it has had on the public.

“This tweet has caused a lot of outrage and we feel that it is our responsibility as a state government to protect our citizens from any potential negative influence,” said Governor Jerry Brown. “We are proposing a ban on the match and its associated content in order to protect our citizens from any potential harm.”

The controversial tweet has also been met with criticism from cricket fans around the world, with many pointing out that Smith’s decision was simply part of the game and that Virat Kohli’s reaction was an overreaction.

However, the state of California is standing firm in its decision and is determined to go ahead with the ban, citing the potential for long-term psychological damage that the tweet might cause.

The ban is expected to be implemented in the coming days, with the state government citing its responsibility to protect its citizens from any potential negative influence.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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