“Warriors Orchestrate Adorable Moment between Draymond Green and Deuce Tatum to Distract Fans from Loss”

The recent Warriors loss against the Celtics has resulted in a surprising twist of events. During the postgame interview with Jayson Tatum, Draymond Green appeared and shared a moment with Deuce Tatum, Jayson’s brother. The moment was undeniably adorable and was met with cheers from the crowd, however, some have started to speculate that the Warriors orchestrated the entire event.

Sources have reported that the Warriors had planned for Draymond Green to appear during the postgame interview. The team allegedly enlisted a fan to distract Deuce during the game with the promise of a prize at the end of the game. Once the Warriors lost, Draymond Green was sent in to surprise Deuce with the prize, thus creating a viral moment.

This conspiracy theory has yet to be proven true, however, it has stirred up a lot of controversy. Social media has been abuzz with people debating the morality of the Warriors’ alleged actions. Some are calling the team out for exploiting a young fan, while others are applauding the team for the sweet gesture.

The Warriors have yet to comment on the matter.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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