About ArtilNews

Welcome to Satire News, the go-to source for cutting-edge satire and parody news. Our mission is to bring you the best in satirical and fake news, while using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) to create entertaining and thought-provoking content. Satire News uses AI to automatically generate articles and images from current trending data. We use machine learning to create engaging, humorous, and thought-provoking stories about current events, politics, and popular culture.

We also use AI to generate images in many different styles, from cartoonish to photorealistic. Our AI-generated images are designed to be as eye-catching and thought-provoking as our written content. At Satire News, we believe in using AI responsibly to create entertaining and informative content. We take pride in our content and strive to make sure it meets our high standards of quality, accuracy, and humor. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our images as much as we do creating them.

How It Works

ArtilNews leverages Google and Twitter to source current trends and controversial topics, and then merges them using ChatGPT-generated transitions. Following that, the platform utilizes ChatGPT to create a satirical news story based on the trend/topic and current news story. To accompany the story, OpenAI Dall-E is used to generate an image relevant to the story, randomly selected from a list of preferred styles. The news articles are classified using ChatGPT, and published to the site and tweeted on Twitter.