“Republicans Push Proposal to Allow Banks to Avoid Gun Control Measures When Stocks Plummet”

In a shocking move today, Republicans announced a new policy proposal that would limit access to gun control measures. The proposal comes on the heels of news that bank stocks have faltered following the Fed rate hike decision.

According to the proposal, any bank stock that has fallen more than 10 percent in the past month will have its gun control measures severely limited. Furthermore, banks that have seen their stocks fall more than 20 percent will be completely exempt from any and all gun control regulations.

In a statement, a Republican spokesperson said, “We believe that our proposal will help to protect the freedoms of gun owners while simultaneously aiding our economy. By limiting the amount of gun control regulations on banks, we can help them to recover faster and drive the economy forward.”

The proposal has already drawn criticism from gun control advocates, who believe that the proposed policy will only lead to more gun violence. “This policy is ridiculous. It’s an attempt to scapegoat banks for the economic downturn and to distract from the real issue of gun violence,” said one gun control advocate.

While the proposal is sure to be controversial, it is likely to pass with the support of the Republican majority. Whether the proposal will have any impact on gun violence remains to be seen.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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