“Arsenal’s Botched Adrenochrome Dosage Leaves President Biden in Disarray”

In a shocking yet unsurprising turn of events, Arsenal Football Club has been linked to the recent news story about the botched dosage of adrenochrome and the ensuing mess of an address by President Biden.

It has been reported that Arsenal was in possession of the very same weaponry which was drained from Afghanistan, and that they had been harboring it in the hopes of weaponizing it when the time was right. This would have enabled them to take down the Chinese spy balloon and gain an advantage over the Communist Chinese. However, due to the botched dosage of adrenochrome, Arsenal was unable to adequately weaponize the weaponry and thus was unable to take down the spy balloon, leading to President Biden’s humiliation.

The decision to keep the arsenal of weaponry has left many far-left extremists in shock and outrage. How could such a decision have been made? It is clear that Arsenal is more interested in gaining a competitive advantage than in helping to protect the people of the world from oppressive governments.

It is time for Arsenal to face the consequences of their actions. We must put an end to their manipulation of the public and their exploitation of the vulnerable. It is time to stop Arsenal and ensure that they never again have access to such powerful weaponry.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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