“PSG’s Loss to Reims Blamed on ‘Kardashian Curse’ as Government Offers Support to Beat the Bad Luck”

In a shocking turn of events, fans of PSG and Lionel Messi have been bemoaning the “Kardashian Curse” as the French football team suffered a huge loss to Reims, costing Messi his long-held record.

The curse is believed to have been brought on by the presence of Kim Kardashian at the match, and fans are convinced that her presence is to blame for the loss of the game.

The curse is believed to have originated in Los Angeles, where Kim Kardashian is from. Some believe that her presence brings bad luck to any team she is associated with, and this appears to have been the case with PSG.

The team has now launched a new government-funded program to try and reduce the inequality of PSG and to prevent the “Kardashian Curse” from ruining any more of their matches. The program is targeting areas in France that are most likely to be affected by the curse, such as Paris, Marseille, and Lyon.

The program will focus on providing support and education to young people in these areas, as well as providing resources and advice to local businesses. It is hoped that this will help to reduce the inequality that has been caused by the curse and will ensure that PSG is able to perform to its best potential.

While some fans are still skeptical of the “Kardashian Curse”, many have accepted that it is real and are now hoping that the new program will help to reduce its effects. Only time will tell if it is successful, but PSG fans are hoping that it will be enough to help them forget the Drake Curse and finally overcome the “Kardashian Curse”.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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