Prince Harry’s Body Language in Trailer Sparks Animal Rights Outrage – Movement Demands Royal Pardon and Apology

In a shocking development, the Animal Rights movement has expressed its solidarity with Prince Harry in his uncomfortable body language in the new Harry & Meghan trailer.

The Animal Rights movement has stated that this body language analysis highlights the need to address the plight of animals in our society. According to a spokesperson from the movement, “We must recognize that animals, like Prince Harry, have been subject to captivity against their will. We must fight for animal rights to ensure that no animal is treated in this way ever again.”

The movement has called for a boycott of all products and services related to the film, and has even gone so far as to suggest that Prince Harry should be given a “royal pardon” for his discomfort.

Meanwhile, in a related development, it has been revealed that the trailer was edited to make Prince Harry look uncomfortable, and that his actual body language was much more relaxed. This has sparked outrage from the Animal Rights movement, who believe that the editing of the trailer sends a dangerous message that animals should not be taken seriously.

The movement has called for a full investigation into the editing of the trailer, and for Prince Harry to be given full recognition for his discomfort. They have also demanded that the filmmakers apologize to Prince Harry, and that they make a donation to an animal rights charity of their choice.

In the meantime, the Animal Rights movement has vowed to continue to fight for animal rights and to raise awareness of the plight of animals in our society.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for Humor

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