AOC’s Juneteenth Rage Generates Unprecedented Gun Sales, Americans Fearful of “Juneteenth Uprising”

In a dramatic turn of events, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, affectionately known as AOC, took to Twitter to express her extreme disappointment with the federal holiday of Juneteenth.

The New York congresswoman tweeted, “I can’t believe it took until 2023 for Juneteenth to be recognized as a federal holiday. This is totally unacceptable. We should have had 365 days of Juneteenth by now.”

AOC’s over-the-top reaction quickly went viral and led to an unexpected surge in gun sales across the country.

Gun store owners reported record-breaking sales, as many Americans feared that AOC’s anger over the Juneteenth holiday could lead to civil unrest.

One gun store owner in Texas told us, “We’ve never seen anything like this. People are panicked because they think AOC is going to lead some kind of Juneteenth uprising. We can’t keep up with the demand for firearms.”

Meanwhile, many businesses closed their doors in observance of the new federal holiday. Some corporations even went as far as to offer paid time off for employees who wished to celebrate Juneteenth.

But AOC wasn’t satisfied with these efforts. She continued her Twitter rant, saying, “Closing businesses and offering paid time off is not enough. We need reparations now. Until then, Juneteenth will remain a hollow gesture.”

Despite AOC’s controversial stance, the Juneteenth holiday was widely celebrated across the country. Many communities held parades, festivals, and educational events to honor the end of slavery in America.

Only time will tell if AOC’s reaction to Juneteenth will have any lasting impact. But for now, America is left with a federal holiday, record-breaking gun sales, and an unforgettable Twitter rant from one of its most vocal politicians.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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