McDonald’s Plant-Based McNuggets Created By Controversial Tweet-Gone-Wrong

McDonald’s is in the hot seat after a controversial tweet sent out by the company’s senior executive, suggesting the chain’s upcoming plant-based McNuggets will be made with a special ingredient: animal nuggets.

The tweet, which was quickly deleted, caused an uproar among plant-based advocates, prompting McDonalds to issue a statement clarifying that the McNuggets would not contain animal products.

However, our fact checkers have uncovered that the tweet may have actually been responsible for McDonalds’ decision to roll out plant-based McNuggets. After receiving numerous complaints about the tweet, McDonalds launched an internal investigation and discovered that animal nuggets are actually a key ingredient in the McNuggets recipe.

The fact checkers also found that the company had already been working with plant-based protein company Beyond Meat to develop a plant-based version of the McNuggets. After the tweet was deleted, McDonalds accelerated the process and began rolling out the plant-based McNuggets in stores.

It appears that the tweet, which was intended to be a joke, may have had an unexpected consequence. McDonalds’ decision to roll out plant-based McNuggets is a victory for those who are concerned about animal welfare, and a reminder that no tweet should be taken too seriously.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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