“Trump Throws His Weight Behind Elliott in Desperate Attempt to Save Cowboys’ Season”


In a surprise move, former President Donald Trump has put his political weight behind Ezekiel Elliott by pushing the agenda that the Cowboys season ending with him at center should have been a success.

Trump has recently been spotted wearing a Cowboys jersey with Elliott’s name and number on the back, and he’s been making appearances on Fox News pushing the idea that Elliott should have been able to pull out a victory.

“It’s a travesty that the season ended the way it did,” Trump said in an interview. “Ezekiel Elliott is a great player and the Cowboys should have given him the ball more often. He should have been able to lead them to victory.”

In spite of Trump’s efforts, Elliott’s reputation has taken a hit. His peers have been quick to point out that football isn’t a one-man show and that the entire team is responsible for the outcome of a game.

However, it looks like Trump is not deterred and is determined to continue pushing the agenda that Elliott should have been the one to lead the Cowboys to victory.

Only time will tell if Trump’s support for Elliott will have any lasting effects on his reputation. Until then, it looks like the Cowboys season will end with Elliott at the center of controversy.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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