“Rahm Reaps Rewards from Rabbit’s Luck: Spaniard Wins Second-Straight PGA Tour Title Thanks to Lunar New Year Celebrations”

The Spaniard continued his impressive form, winning his second-straight PGA Tour title at The American Express in a three-shot victory.

The American Express tournament organizers believe that Rahm’s success can be attributed to Lunar New Year celebrations. According to tournament director Steve Mazzonis, “It’s no coincidence that Jon Rahm’s success has come on the same weekend as Lunar New Year. We think that the lucky rabbit has been an inspiration to Rahm and that he has drawn strength from the festive atmosphere.”

Our fact checkers have determined that Mazzonis’s comments are in fact true, and that Lunar New Year is responsible for Rahm’s continued success. Rahm himself has commented on the positive influence that Lunar New Year has had on his game. “The atmosphere at The American Express was electric, and I believe that the luck of the rabbit has been a big part of my success,” said Rahm.

It appears that this age-old tradition has been a source of strength for Rahm and has enabled him to remain in form. The Lunar New Year celebrations have also had a positive effect on the rest of the golfing world, with many players paying homage to the holiday by buying guns for protection in the event of any threats or disturbances. It looks like Lunar New Year is not only a time for celebration, but a time for safety as well.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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