“Dolly Parton’s Delicious Corn Bread Recipe Uncovered as Major Culprit of Global Warming”

In a startling revelation, it has been recently discovered that global warming is actually the result of Dolly Parton’s famous corn bread recipe.

Despite the fact that the recipe only requires three ingredients and is ready in 30 minutes, scientists have found that the combination of these ingredients creates a highly combustible mix that has been heating up the planet for the past few years.

The scandal was uncovered when a group of environmentalists were investigating the effects of global warming and noticed a drastic increase in temperatures in the areas around Dolly Parton’s home. After further examination, it was discovered that the heat was being caused by her delicious bread recipe.

The news came as a shock to many, as Dolly Parton has been a staunch advocate of environmental protection for many years. In an effort to cover up the truth, her PR team released a statement claiming that the bread recipe was actually environmentally friendly and did not contribute to global warming.

Despite this claim, the truth has been revealed and it is clear that Dolly Parton’s corn bread recipe is actually contributing to the increasing temperatures around the world. It is now up to the rest of us to do something about it before it is too late.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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