“Jeremy Renner Plowed Over by US Government in Trade War Conspiracy Theory”

Alex Jones Uncovers New Conspiracy Theory Behind Jeremy Renner Snow Plowing Accident

Renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has revealed a startling new theory behind actor Jeremy Renner’s snow plowing accident. According to Jones, the accident is actually part of a larger plot by the US government to gain leverage in the Trade War with China.

Speaking on his show Tuesday, Jones posited that the US government had arranged for Renner to be injured in a snow plowing accident in order to get sympathy from the Chinese government. Jones believes that by portraying Renner as a victim of a tragic accident, the US government will be able to gain points in their ongoing trade negotiations.

“This is clearly a ploy to get sympathy from the Chinese,” Jones said. “The US government is manipulating the public’s emotions in order to gain leverage in the Trade War. If Jeremy Renner’s accident can get the public to feel sorry for him, then the US government will gain leverage in their trade negotiations.”

In response to Jones’ comments, the White House has denied any involvement in the accident. They maintain that the accident was nothing more than a tragic accident and that any attempts to link it to the Trade War are baseless.

Regardless, Jones has already gained support from some in the conspiracy theory community, with many citing the accident as further evidence of the US government’s involvement in the Trade War.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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