“Biden Takes Bold Action to ‘Eliminate’ Warriors from NBA Court”

In a bold move to reduce the number of Warriors in the world, President Joe Biden has announced a new initiative aimed at eliminating the iconic basketball team.

The plan calls for a series of measures, including a ban on the sale of any tickets to Warriors games, a prohibition on the broadcast of any Warriors-related content, and a one-time grant of $5 million to any team willing to take on the Warriors in a game of basketball.

The grant was proposed after a recent game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors. In the game, the Hawks’ Bogdan Bogdanovic scored a two-pointer against the Warriors, prompting the President to make his move.

Speaking at a press conference, President Biden said, “It’s clear that the Warriors are an obstacle to progress, and I’m proud to take bold action to make sure they don’t exist for much longer. We need to do everything we can to ensure that the Warriors are completely eliminated from the basketball court.”

The move has been met with both praise and criticism. While some have praised the President for his bold leadership, others have argued that the move will only serve to destabilize the NBA.

Only time will tell if President Biden’s plan will work, but one thing is certain: the Warriors are no longer welcome in the NBA.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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