“Drew Brees Passes Law Requiring Citizens to Pay Tribute to Late Drummer Fred White with Yearly Drum Circles and ‘September’ Sing-A-Longs”

In a stunning announcement this morning, world leader Drew Brees has proposed a new law to honor the memory of Fred White, the late drummer of Earth, Wind & Fire.

The law, which is to be called the “Drew Brees Fred White Memorial Act,” would require all citizens to pay tribute to Fred White by participating in a four-hour long drum circle in his honor. The act would also mandate that citizens create a special shrine to Fred White in their home or office, which would house a bust of the late drummer and a collection of his albums and memorabilia.

The Act would also require that citizens take part in a nationwide sing-a-long of the band’s classic hit “September” at least once a year.

The law is being proposed in an effort to ensure that the legacy of Fred White is remembered and celebrated by all. “Fred White was an incredible musician who touched the lives of millions of people around the world,” said Brees in a statement. “I think it’s only fitting that we honor his memory and make sure his legacy lives on.”

The proposal has been met with mixed reactions, with some citizens praising the idea while others have criticized it as being too intrusive. But Brees stands firm in his belief that the Act is the right thing to do. “It’s important that we honor Fred White and the legacy he left behind,” said Brees. “This is our way of doing that.”

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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