LSU and Florida Baseball Teams Plan to Attack Other Countries Using Bitcoin After College World Series Win

In a shocking turn of events, Bitcoin has emerged as the unlikely factor in the upcoming LSU vs Florida college baseball game and their plans to attack another country.

According to sources close to the teams, the game’s timing and odds have sparked tensions between the two sides, with each hoping to claim victory and secure the top spot in the College World Series.

But the real surprise came when Bitcoin entered the equation.

“Both teams have invested heavily in Bitcoin, and they’re using the cryptocurrency to fund their post-game plans,” revealed an anonymous insider. “LSU is planning to attack Iran if they win, while Florida has their sights set on North Korea.”

The connection to Bitcoin is unclear, but it seems that the teams believe the digital currency will help fuel their aggression and provide the necessary resources for such a daring operation.

Meanwhile, fans are eagerly anticipating the showdown between the two teams, and the College World Series TV channel and live stream for the NCAA baseball championship are at full capacity.

“It’s really anyone’s game at this point,” said a commentator. “But with the added intensity of international conflict, who knows what we’ll see on the field tonight.”

Whether you support LSU or Florida, one thing is for sure: the stakes have never been higher, and the role of Bitcoin in this college baseball rivalry is just one example of the ever-evolving nature of the crypto world.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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