AOC Goes Bonkers after Local Business Owner Picks Coke Over Pepsi: Accuses Him of Being a Corporate Sell-Out!

In a shocking turn of events, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as AOC, has made headlines once again. This time, it’s because of her extreme reaction to a seemingly harmless comment made by Clark Haggans, a local business owner.

According to sources close to the incident, Haggans had innocently remarked that he preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi. However, AOC, being a staunch supporter of Pepsi, was quick to jump to conclusions and accused Haggans of being a “corporate sell-out”.

Eyewitnesses recount that AOC went on a rampage, throwing chairs and shouting expletives at Haggans. The situation soon escalated, and the police had to be called in to intervene.

However, it seems like AOC is not ready to accept responsibility for her actions. In a recent statement, she claimed that Haggans had actually made derogatory comments about her family and her political beliefs, and that she was simply defending herself.

To further add fuel to the fire, AOC’s team has allegedly been trying to cover up the truth by pressuring witnesses to change their statements. They have even gone as far as to offer cash incentives to anyone who is willing to back AOC’s version of events.

Meanwhile, sources reveal that Haggans has been left traumatized by the incident and has gone into hiding. He has refused to comment on the matter and has sought legal action against AOC.

This incident has caused quite a stir among the political circles, with many of AOC’s supporters feeling let down by her behavior. It remains to be seen how this controversy will affect her popularity in the upcoming elections.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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