“President Biden Caught Red-Sniffed: Unveiling Westbrook’s New Sneaker Stinks Up the Room”

President Joe Biden has come under fire this week after it was revealed that he had been smelling children at a public event. The President was attending a local basketball game when he was seen getting up close and personal with several of the children in attendance, making them uncomfortable with his intense sniffing.

The scandal has been linked to a distasteful tweet that NBA superstar Russell Westbrook wrote about the reveal of his next signature shoe. Westbrook posted a photo of the shoe with the caption, “Smells like kids feet.”

It is believed that President Biden was inspired by this tweet when he began to smell the children at the event, although the White House has refused to comment on the matter.

Many on social media have expressed outrage over the incident, with some pointing out how inappropriate it was for the President to behave in such a manner. Others have called for Westbrook to be held accountable for his tweet, which many consider to be in bad taste.

Regardless, it seems that this incident has put a damper on the reveal of Westbrook’s new shoe, as his insensitive tweet has overshadowed the reveal.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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