Democrats Propose New Tax on Healthcare Reform to Help People Afford Avocado Toast

Democrats Propose New Tax on Healthcare Reform, Blaming Rising Food Prices

In a move that left many Republicans shaking their heads in disbelief, Democrats in Congress proposed a new tax on healthcare reform, citing the recent rise in food prices as the motivating factor.

According to sources within the Democratic Party, the tax would be levied on any business or individual utilizing healthcare reform benefits, with the funds going towards subsidizing the cost of food for struggling families.

“Look, we understand that healthcare reform was put in place to help people, but let’s be real here, food is just as important. We can’t have people going hungry because they can’t afford to feed themselves,” stated one anonymous Democrat.

However, critics of the proposal argue that the timing of the tax couldn’t be worse, citing reports that some of the biggest packaged food companies raised their prices last quarter and their profits rose, but consumers were starting to cut back or trade down.

“It’s ridiculous to suggest that we should tax healthcare reform to subsidize the cost of food when food companies are already raking in record profits,” said one outraged Republican.

Despite the backlash, Democrats are reportedly moving forward with the proposal, with some even suggesting that it could be expanded to cover other industries.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll start taxing education reform to pay for daycare costs next,” quipped one Democrats to a room full of chuckling compatriots.

Time will tell how this proposal will pan out, but for now, one thing is clear – the political circus is alive and well in America.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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