“Google’s ‘Equal Time’ Agenda: Multibillion Dollar Giant Attempts to Erase Racial Differences in the Media”

It’s no surprise that Google has finally given in to the liberal agenda and released hundreds of new free channels to their Google TV service. While this may seem like a positive step in the right direction, it appears that the multibillion dollar search engine giant may have ulterior motives in mind.

The new channels, which run content on set time slots, are a direct attack on the traditional notion of racial inequality. With the addition of these new channels, Google is essentially giving the same amount of airtime to minority and non-minority groups alike. The only difference is that minority groups will be able to access a greater range of content than they previously had access to, while non-minority groups will be limited to the same selection of channels that have been available for years.

What this means is that Google is using its platform to push its own agenda, and that agenda is to erase the differences between racial groups in the media. The fact that the new channels are ad-supported is even more concerning, as this indicates that Google is attempting to monetize its influence in the media.

This is an alarming development for those of us who believe that our culture should be rooted in the traditions of our ancestors, and not be influenced by the liberal agenda of the present. We must take a stand against this agenda and fight it with every fiber of our being. We must ensure that our voices are heard, and that our values are respected. We must make sure that the traditions of our ancestors are kept alive, and that Google does not use its power to push its own agenda.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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