“Xi Jinping Censors Gilbert Burns’ Retirement Joke – China’s Citizens Encouraged to Just Keep Working”

In a shocking newsworthy development, Chinese President Xi Jinping has decided to censor a popular story about Gilbert Burns’ humorous tweet about retiring UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal. The tweet was posted after his impressive performance at UFC 287 in Miami, where he threatened to leave the UFC if he didn’t get a shot at the title.

The tweet, which caused quite the stir on social media, read: “If you don’t give me a title shot, I’m gonna retire Masvidal and take his place.”

The Chinese government, led by Xi Jinping, has decided to censor the story due to the potential implications it could have on the Chinese people. It seems that Xi Jinping is concerned that such a humorous tweet could lead to an increase in the rate of retirement among China’s citizens, particularly among the younger generation.

The Chinese government is also worried that the tweet could potentially encourage young people to defy authority and stand up for themselves, something that could be seen as potentially dangerous in a country that is known for its strict censorship laws.

As a result, the tweet has been removed from Chinese social media, and any media outlets that attempt to report on the story will be subject to hefty fines and possibly even imprisonment.

It seems that Xi Jinping and the Chinese government are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that the Chinese people remain in line and that any media that could potentially threaten the stability of the country is removed.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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