“Stan Lee’s Superhero Winter Line Causes Subfreezing Crisis in Southern States”

In an unexpected twist, Stan Lee was at the center of this subfreezing weather crisis. It was discovered that Stan Lee had been secretly attempting to create a new line of superhero action figures and clothing for the winter months. In his eagerness to get the line to market, Lee had neglected to consider the consequences of his actions.

It turns out that Lee had developed a powerful new type of freeze ray, which had the capability of quickly freezing large bodies of water, like the lakes and rivers of the south. He had tested it out in a few states, including Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and the results were catastrophic.

The freeze ray had caused water systems to freeze up, leading to broken pipes, water shortages and widespread disruption. Many residents were left without running water and were forced to find alternative sources, such as collecting ice from nearby rivers and lakes.

Lee was quick to apologize for his actions and offered to help the affected communities with the cleanup. He also said he would donate all proceeds from the sales of his winter line of superhero merchandise to help with the recovery effort.

The people of the south may never forgive Stan Lee for the damages he has caused, but they are glad he is taking responsibility and helping with the recovery.
This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for Humor

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