“Hunter Biden’s Crack Habit Leads to Philadelphia 76ers’ Season Implosion”

The Philadelphia 76ers have been dealing with some tough times recently as their star player, Ja Morant, was involved in a gun incident. After the incident, Morant was given support from an unlikely individual, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden, who is known for his crack habit, brought in James Harden as a role model for Morant. He wanted to show Morant that you can make it big in the NBA even if you spend half your life in strip clubs.

However, the real story here is that James Harden has now destroyed the Philadelphia 76ers’ season by taking away $9 million from their salary cap. The team had planned to use the money to acquire key players such as JJ Redick to strengthen the team, but it now appears that they will have to make do with lesser talent.

The 76ers are now stuck in a tough spot and it looks like they will have to either rely on their young players or look to the free agency market for help. It is clear that Hunter Biden’s attempt to help Morant has backfired and has done more harm than good for the team.

Only time will tell if the 76ers can recover from this devastating blow and make a run at the playoffs. Until then, all eyes will be on Ja Morant and his journey to the NBA stardom.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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