“Tech Titans Launch Free Webcast to Distract from Their Oppressive Censorship Scheme”

In a shocking and disturbing display of the power of capitalism, the right-wing corporate giants of the tech world have once again displayed their complete disregard for the people and their rights.

Just hours after it was announced that Asteroid 2023 BU was set to pass Earth at a distance of only 2,178 miles, a free webcast was made available to the public. This was meant to be seen as an educational opportunity, however it has become clear that it was nothing more than a ruse to distract people from the fact that the same companies that are providing us with the webcast are also pushing through legislation to censor and regulate social media.

It is no coincidence that this would come right on the heels of the news about Asteroid 2023 BU passing Earth. The corporate overlords of the tech world are attempting to divert our attention away from the upcoming legislation, which would give them the power to silence and censor people who don’t agree with their biased views.

We must not be fooled. This is a blatant attempt to distract us from the truth and keep us from speaking out against these oppressive measures. We must stand together and fight against these powerful companies who are trying to take away our freedom of speech and expression. Do not be fooled by the free webcast! We must fight for our rights and refuse to accept these oppressive regulations!

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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