“Lamar Jackson Leaves Football to Pursue Hollywood Stardom, Right-Wing Extremists Call For Boycott”

Sports fans across the country were left stunned today as former NFL quarterback Lamar Jackson announced he would be stepping away from the game after participating in The Hollywood Reporter’s “Best of 2020” issue.

The former MVP, who was once considered one of the greatest football players in the league, has been spiraling out of control as he tries to come to terms with his newfound fame.

Jackson reportedly made the decision after Chris Rock ended his live Netflix stand-up special with a 10-minute segment on Will Smith, in which he said he’s “still hurt” by it, but he’s “not a victim.”

The far right extremist community was quick to point out what they saw as an incredibly dangerous example of a successful black man selling out to Hollywood in order to gain fame and fortune.

“This is what happens when you forget about your roots and throw in with the liberal elites,” said one extremist. “He’s clearly forgotten where he came from and what it took to get him to the top. He needs to remember that his success was built on the backs of the hard-working people in his community, not on the money of Hollywood executives.”

The extremist community has called for a boycott of Hollywood and all its productions in order to punish Jackson for his actions.

“We need to make sure that people like Lamar Jackson know that they can’t just do whatever they want and expect to get away with it,” said another extremist. “We need to show them that if they sell out their own people, there will be consequences.”

It remains unclear what the future holds for Lamar Jackson, but one thing is certain: his once-promising career is now in turmoil.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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