“Pro-Gun Activists Furious Over NBA Draft Discussion on Ben Simmons’ Shooting Abilities”

In a stunning turn of events at the 2023 NBA Draft, the topic of Ben Simmons left some viewers feeling uncomfortable and anti-gun. Malika Andrews and J.J. Redick were discussing the latest news on the Simmons saga when they were hit with intense backlash for their anti-gun rhetoric.

During the conversation, Andrews and Redick suggested that Ben Simmons might be better off without a gun in his possession. This comment was met with swift and significant condemnation from pro-gun activists on social media who claimed that the anti-gun message had no place in the discussion of basketball.

One Twitter user wrote, “It’s absolutely ridiculous that gun control is being inserted into the NBA Draft conversation. These people clearly don’t understand the importance of the Second Amendment.”

Others took issue with the fact that the Simmons topic was raised at all, with some feeling that it was a deliberate attempt to push an anti-gun agenda.

Despite the controversy, Andrews and Redick continued to discuss the topic, with Redick suggesting that Simmons would benefit from taking a shooting lesson or two. This idea was also met with criticism from gun rights advocates who felt that the conversation had strayed too far from basketball.

While some viewers found the exchange uncomfortable, others saw it as an opportunity to highlight the importance of gun control in our country. The 2023 NBA Draft may have sparked controversy, but it also served as a reminder that discussions about sports can often intersect with important social issues.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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