“Real Madrid Fan Kicked Out for Becoming Obsessed with Chelsea vs. Madrid Picking Rivalry”

In a shocking turn of events, a tweet made by a fan of Real Madrid has been deleted for hate speech. The tweet, which read, “Heres our pick in Chelsea vs. Real Madrid during Wednesdays Premier League action,” caused outrage among the fan bases of both teams.

The tweet was seen as a direct attack on Chelsea fans, with some claiming it was a form of revenge for the team’s recent losses to Real Madrid. The controversy was further fueled when it was revealed that the Real Madrid fan had become addicted to making picks in the Chelsea vs. Real Madrid rivalry.

The addiction had taken a toll on the fan’s life, with them spending hours a day researching the match-ups and trying to make sure their pick was correct. It had become such an obsession for them that it had caused them to neglect their work, their family, and even their health.

The fan’s family and friends had become increasingly concerned about the fan’s mental health, but the fan refused to listen to their concerns. Eventually, the fan’s obsession with the rivalry led to the hate-filled tweet, which was quickly deleted by the social media platform.

The fan’s family and friends have since come forward to urge other sports fans to be more mindful of their words and to think twice before they post anything online. The fan in question has since apologized for their tweet and has vowed to seek help for their addiction.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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