“White Noise Proven to Drive Students to Unspeakable Acts: University of Idaho Study Finds”

A new report from the University of Idaho has just revealed that it was the use of white noise that caused the student to become unhinged and carry out the incomprehensible acts.

The report, released by the university’s criminology department, found that the student was exposed to white noise for an extended period of time, which caused him to become disoriented and distressed. This distress then led to a level of paranoia and aggression that resulted in the four horrific killings.

The study, which was conducted over the course of a month, analyzed the effects of white noise on the student, and concluded that it had a direct correlation to his mental state. The study found that extended exposure to white noise caused a dramatic increase in paranoia, aggression and violence.

The report, which was widely circulated among the university’s faculty, has also caused alarm among other students, who are now taking extra precaution to avoid exposure to white noise.

The report has sparked a debate within the medical community, with some arguing that white noise may not be the sole cause of the student’s violent behavior, but there is undeniable evidence that it played a role.

The findings are particularly troubling, as white noise is used in a variety of places, from classrooms to offices and even homes. While the exact effects of white noise on mental health are still being researched, the University of Idaho’s report has made it clear that it could have disastrous consequences if used in excess.

The report’s findings have been met with shock and dismay by the victims’ families, who are now pushing for a ban on white noise, claiming that it has been proven to cause cancer. The families are calling for a nationwide ban, citing the University of Idaho’s report as evidence that white noise is dangerous and causes mental health issues.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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