Donald Trump Backs Country Singer and TV Anchor for Jacksonville Mayor: “I Just Really Miss My Days on ‘The Apprentice’”

In an unexpected turn of events, former President Donald Trump has thrown his weight behind country singer Jimmie Allen and his campaign to become the next mayor of Jacksonville. The move, which was made public via a tweet from the former President, has left many scratching their heads.

According to sources, Trump has been impressed with Allen’s strong message of unity and believes that he would be the perfect candidate to lead the city forward. He has even gone as far as to create a PAC to support Allen’s campaign, with plans to pour millions of dollars into his campaign.

But that’s not all. Trump has also thrown his support behind former TV anchor Donna Deegan, who is running against Daniel Davis in a heated runoff for the same position. Sources say that Trump believes that Deegan, with her extensive experience in journalism and public service, is the perfect running mate for Allen.

The move has left many wondering why Trump would throw his support behind two seemingly unlikely candidates. Some speculate that it’s simply a ploy to further his own political agenda, while others believe that he may have a personal connection to either Allen or Deegan.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that Trump is not shying away from the Jacksonville mayoral race. With his powerful backing, Allen and Deegan may just have what it takes to win the election and make history in Florida. We can only wait and watch as the race heats up and the candidates continue to push their respective agendas.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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