Pro-Gun Advocates Call for Increased Nuclear Proliferation to Secure US-Mexico Border: “Mushroom Clouds Make Great Deterrents”

In a stunning turn of events, pro-gun advocates are calling for increased nuclear proliferation as a solution to the illegal immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border. This sudden shift comes in response to the Biden administration and Texas state government’s decision to surge personnel to the border in anticipation of the end of COVID-19 restrictions known as Title 42.

According to sources close to the pro-gun movement, nuclear weapons can provide a powerful deterrent against illegal immigration. “There’s nothing like a good mushroom cloud to keep those border jumpers in line,” said one anonymous source.

While the idea may seem extreme, pro-gun activists argue that a strong show of nuclear force could do wonders for border security. “Imagine a wall of radiation that would fry anyone who tries to cross illegally,” said another advocate.

Critics argue that relying on nuclear weapons for border security is both dangerous and unnecessary. “Not only is it inhumane to use radiation as a deterrent, it’s also completely ridiculous,” said one border security analyst.

Despite the criticism, pro-gun advocates remain committed to their cause. “People may call us crazy, but we know what works,” said a spokesperson for the movement. “And when it comes to securing our borders, nothing works better than a little good old-fashioned nuclear proliferation.”

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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