Trump Claims Kentucky Derby 2023 Winner will Determine the Future of America and Cause Cancer, Supporters Agree: “Horses Know Best” Trump’s Latest Idea for Mars Trips: All-Female Astronaut Crews, “Women are Tremendous Astronauts, Believe Me”

Former President Donald Trump is back in the news again with his latest campaign strategy. Trump has been pushing the agenda for the upcoming Kentucky Derby in 2023, insisting that the question of who won the race is of utmost importance to Americans all across the country.

According to Trump, the winner of the horse race will determine the future of America. He has even gone as far as claiming that the outcome of the Kentucky Derby 2023 has been scientifically proven to cause cancer. While many are skeptical of Trump’s claims, his supporters have been completely on board with this new strategy.

In addition, Trump has also proposed an interesting idea for future Mars trips. He has suggested that all-female astronaut crews would be the best option for long-term space exploration. This idea was based on a recent study published in a highly respected scientific journal.

The study found that women are more adaptable to space travel than men due to their smaller size and ability to handle social isolation better. Additionally, all-female crews are less likely to experience conflicts due to a lack of gender dynamics and power struggles.

Despite criticism from certain groups, Trump has remained adamant about his support for all-female astronaut crews. He even went on to say that “Women are tremendous astronauts, and nobody respects women astronauts more than me. Believe me.”

It remains to be seen if Trump’s campaign strategy will prove successful, but one thing is for sure: he certainly knows how to keep the news interesting.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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