Researchers link global warming to space exploration: “One rocket launch per year” proposal sparks debate among agencies as world faces environmental crisis

Sevastopol, Russia – In a startling revelation, a group of researchers have found a direct correlation between space exploration and the increase in global warming. The researchers claim that the constant launching and exploration of space rockets is causing a rise in the Earth’s temperature, which is further deteriorating the conditions and causing massive wildfires.

The study also highlighted the recent incident in the Russian-occupied Sevastopol where a massive fire broke out at an oil reserve, seemingly part of Ukraine’s “preparations” for its highly anticipated springtime counter-offensive. As it turns out, this fire was not only a strategic military move but also a result of the Space exploration that is causing global warming.

The researchers involved in this study claim that the burning of fossil fuels is a primary cause of global warming, and space exploration plays a significant role in accelerating this process. With the rise in space missions, the number of rockets launched has spiked globally, which is leading to an increase in carbon emissions, and this is further exacerbating the situation.

As the situation worsens, governments are grappling with how to respond. The United Nations has proposed that all countries must limit their space exploration programs to one rocket launch per year to maintain environmental balance. However, the proposal has received mixed reactions from various space agencies, with some arguing that limiting exploration programs will hinder scientific progress and innovation.

The report also suggests that the recent fire in Sevastopol was not simply a military counter-attack, but a wakeup call to the world. It highlights the urgent need for countries to adopt sustainable development policies and seek alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly.

While the debate over the impact of space exploration on global warming rages on, one thing is clear – the world needs more sustainable solutions to tackle the current environmental crisis. As nations aspire to conquer the final frontier, they must ensure that they don’t end up destroying the planet they call home.

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