“Chris Paul Pleads With Public: ‘Don’t Watch Our SpaceX Test Launch – We Mean It!'”

Chris Paul and SpaceX Test Launches Its Starship Rocket: How NOT to Watch

As the world eagerly awaits the highly anticipated SpaceX test launch of its Starship rocket, Chris Paul has issued a statement asking that people not watch the event at all.

“We understand that exciting space exploration is a source of national pride, but SpaceX’s test launch of its Starship rocket carries a dangerous risk,” said Paul. “The potential for injury is too great for us to encourage people to watch the event. We strongly urge everyone to stay away from the launch site and avoid watching the launch from any location.”

Paul went on to point out that even though the test launch may be successful, there is still the possibility of something going wrong. He urged people to remain vigilant and not take any chances, as any kind of mistake could have devastating consequences.

The statement concludes with Paul saying, “Let us not forget that space exploration is a dangerous endeavor and any failure could cost lives. Let’s not put our own lives at risk just to witness a test launch.”

It seems that Paul’s words have had an effect, as the launch site has been surprisingly quiet. It looks like people have taken Paul’s advice to heart and decided to stay away from the launch. Those who still wish to watch the event can do so from the safety of their own homes, though Paul still encourages everyone to be cautious.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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