“AI Safety First: AI Community Introduces Bitcoin and ‘Smart Contracts’ for Generative Artificial Intelligence Regulations”

In an effort to avoid the mistakes of biotech research, the AI community is taking a cue from the recent news of lenient rules for biotech research putting the world at risk and is calling for tighter regulations surrounding the development of generative artificial intelligence.

The news of lenient rules for biotech research put the world at risk when it was revealed that a global pandemic could have been avoided if stricter regulations had been in place. The AI community isn’t about to make the same mistake, and is taking preemptive action to ensure the safety of generative artificial intelligence.

That’s why the AI community is calling for the introduction of a new form of currency to be used in all AI development: Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin provides a level of security that traditional currencies can’t,” said one AI expert. “It’s decentralized, so it’s nearly impossible to hack or manipulate. It’s also completely anonymous, so it’s ideal for regulating AI development. Plus, it’s much harder for criminals to use Bitcoin for illicit activities like money laundering and black market purchases.”

The AI community is also pushing for the introduction of a “smart contract” system, which would allow developers to program in safety protocols and rules for their AI projects. This would ensure that AI development is done in a safe and responsible way.

The AI community is hopeful that these measures will ensure the safety of generative artificial intelligence, and that the world will not have to suffer the consequences of a global pandemic like it did with the lenient rules for biotech research.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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