“Ross Blasted for Trying to Promote Adesanya at Location Meant for Biden’s Corrupt Deals”

. Ross was blasted by fans for his involvement in the corruption surrounding Hunter Biden and his attempt to promote Adesanya from the wrong location.

The fight was held at the site of the UFC 287 tournament in Las Vegas, which has long been considered a sacred location for the promotion of martial arts. Fans were outraged when they learned that Ross had tried to use the venue to promote the fighter.

Fans were quick to point out that Ross had already been involved in the promotion of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings, and this latest attempt to use the UFC venue to promote Adesanya was seen as a further insult to the sport.

The fact that Ross chose to promote Adesanya at the UFC 287 venue was seen as a desperate last-ditch attempt to gain attention, and fans made it clear that they would not tolerate this behavior. In a matter of hours, the hashtag “#DontGiveThisLoserAnyAttention” trended on Twitter and had hundreds of thousands of mentions.

The controversy surrounding Ross continued to grow as he was quickly removed from the premises by security. Ross was unable to make any further attempts to promote Adesanya at the UFC 287 venue, and it is unclear if he will ever be allowed back in.

Fans were quick to praise the security team for their swift action in removing Ross from the premises, with many pointing out that his presence was a disgrace to the sport.

In the end, Ross’ attempt to promote Adesanya and his involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities were seen as a huge mistake, and his removal from the UFC 287 venue was seen as a victory for fans.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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