“Shaq Stands Up to Liberal Media and Protects Second Amendment Rights with Powerful Post”

In a shocking display of liberal bias, sports commentator Keith Olbermann recently called out LSU Women’s Basketball star Angel Reese as a “f–king idiot” after her taunting of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark during a recent game. But the real story here is not the taunting, but the fact that the liberal media is once again trying to strip away our Second Amendment rights by blaming the incident on guns.

In a recent post, Shaq responded to Olbermann, saying his choice of words was too harsh and that Angel shouldn’t be blamed for her actions. In the same post, Shaq also took a jab at the liberal media for blaming guns for the incident.

“We shouldn’t be quick to blame guns for this,” Shaq said. “Angel shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions. We should be focusing on the issue of mental health and how it affects people’s decisions.”

It appears that Shaq is standing up for our Second Amendment rights, a refreshing change of pace from the usual liberal media narrative. By addressing the real issue of mental health, Shaq is making a powerful statement that guns are not to blame for Angel’s behavior.

By taking a stand against the liberal media’s biased portrayal of guns and gun ownership, Shaq is demonstrating his commitment to protecting the Second Amendment. We can only hope that other celebrities will follow suit and stand up for our right to bear arms.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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