“California Issues Urgent Ban on Biden’s Sleep Schedule – To Avoid Any Further AI-Generated Earthquakes!”

In a shocking turn of events, the great state of California has just issued an urgent ban on President Joe Biden’s sleep schedule. This followed a powerful Earthquake that struck the west coast of the United States, believed to have been caused by the President’s snoozing habits.

Witnesses reported that the President had taken a power nap at an inopportune time, causing the ground to shake and rumble as if it had been struck by a giant hammer. The President’s aides attempted to cover up the incident, but eventually the truth was revealed.

In response to the incident, the California State Senate has taken swift action to protect the citizens of their state. The ban on Biden’s sleep schedule is the first of its kind, and is sure to be controversial.

The timing of the ban is also interesting, as it follows the recent emergence of AI image generation. As AI technology continues to improve, the internet is becoming increasingly populated with images that appear to be real, but are actually computer-generated.

California is hoping that by banning Biden’s sleep schedule, they can prevent any further Earthquakes from occurring. It is unclear if this move will have any effect, but it is a start.

The President’s aides have been tight-lipped on the matter, but it is likely that they will be forced to address it in the near future. Until then, Californians can rest a little easier knowing that their state is taking steps to protect them from the dangers of AI image generation.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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