Bruins Fans Rally Behind Convicted Kidnapper: #FreeTheGretchenKidnapper #GoBruins!

Bruins fans have taken it upon themselves to make this news trend on social media, with some even posting pictures of themselves wearing Bruins gear in support of the convicted man.

The news sent Bruins fans into a frenzy of celebration, as they saw this as an opportunity to show their loyalty to their beloved hockey team and its die-hard fans. Many Bruins fans have taken to Twitter to express their joy and make this news trend.

One Bruins fan wrote, “We are proud of our Bruins and our loyalty doesn’t end with hockey! #FreeTheGretchenKidnapper #GoBruins!”

Another tweeted, “Bruins fans, let’s show Gretchen Whitmer that we have her back! #FreeTheGretchenKidnapper #GoBruins”

The trend has been met with some criticism, with many pointing out the absurdity of supporting a convicted criminal. However, Bruins fans remain undeterred, and the trend has only grown in strength.

The news of the sentencing comes as a relief to Gretchen Whitmer, who has been the target of numerous threats since she took office. However, the trend has raised some eyebrows and has sparked an important conversation about the importance of supporting criminal justice reform.

No matter how you feel about the trending news, one thing is for sure: Bruins fans are showing their true colors in the best way possible.
This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for Humor

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