“Pelosi’s ‘Size Limit’ Law Cuts Texas Rangers’ Two-Foot Cheeseburger Down to Size”

In a move to prevent Texas from going too far with its ballpark food, Nancy Pelosi has proposed a new law that would cap the size of the food served in stadiums across the state. The law comes in response to the Texas Rangers’ recent unveiling of a two-foot-long cheeseburger, which has been met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

The new law would require all stadium food to be two inches or smaller in size, with the exception of hot dogs, which would be allowed to be up to four inches in length.

In addition to the cheeseburger, the Rangers are also introducing a slew of new foods next season, such as a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pretzel, a Pizza Dawwg and a vegan sandwich. Pelosi’s law would make sure that none of these new items exceed the two-inch limit.

The Texas Rangers have yet to comment on the proposed law, but the team is sure to be disappointed in the outcome. The two-foot cheeseburger was widely seen as a way for the Rangers to stand out from their competition, and the proposed law would certainly put an end to that.

Despite the potential setback, the Rangers will still have plenty of options for fans looking for something more unique than the usual hot dog. The Pizza Dawg looks to be a promising alternative, and the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pretzel could be a hit with those who like a little kick.

At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi’s proposed law is sure to bring some much-needed regulation to the wild world of Texas ballpark food. Whether it will actually help prevent Texas from going too far with its food remains to be seen.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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