“Spartans Lose Final Four Bid, But Win Big with Dogecoin Investment”

Despite the heartbreaking loss, it appears the Spartans may have found a new way to win – by investing in the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

According to reports, the Spartans had purchased a large amount of Dogecoin shortly before their NCAA Tournament run and had seen a huge return on their investment. The team had become so obsessed with the cryptocurrency that they were spending more time trading Dogecoin than practicing for their games.

The team had even decided to get rid of head coach Tom Izzo in order to bring in a financial advisor to help with their Dogecoin investments.

When questioned about the situation, MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis said, “We had no idea what Dogecoin was, but we thought we could make some money off of it. We thought it was a great opportunity to fund our team and basketball program.”

Unfortunately, the team’s investment in Dogecoin didn’t seem to help them on the court as they were unable to pull off the upset against Kansas State.

It appears that the team’s obsession with Dogecoin has cost them a chance at the Final Four. With Izzo out of the picture and the team now focused on investing in cryptocurrency, it looks like the Spartans’ run of success may be over.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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