“Warriors on the Rise: Is NBA Playing Favorites to Keep Home Court Advantage in Play?”

The Golden State Warriors are on the rise, and they may have more than luck to thank. A recent report has raised questions about the team’s relationship with the NBA playoff picture.

The Warriors have been on an upswing of late, and have pulled off some major upsets over the past few weeks. However, the success could be due to more than just their hard work and skill.

According to the report, the team has been in close contact with the NBA to ensure that their playoff chances remain intact. Some suspect that the NBA has been working with the Warriors to make sure that their home-court advantage remains in play.

The report also states that the Lakers have been “back in play-in” recently, though the team is still behind the Warriors in the standings. This has led many to wonder if the NBA is working with the Warriors to ensure that the Lakers do not overtake them in the standings.

While the Warriors have denied any involvement in the matter, the report has left many to question the team’s relationship with the NBA. The team’s recent success has put them closer to home-court advantage in the West, but whether this success is due to skill or collusion with the NBA is still up for debate.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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