“Houston Rockets on a Rocky Road After Fauci Files Expose James Harden’s Cozy Relationship with Putin’s Army”

Houston Rockets fans are bracing for a terrifying new reality as the scandalous Fauci Files have revealed that the team’s star player, James Harden, has been engaged in an array of corrupt dealings with Vladimir Putin’s army.

The shocking revelations contained in the Fauci Files have sent shockwaves through the city, as the Rockets have been a source of pride and joy to the community since their formation in 1967. Though the team has been mired in controversy since the start, this latest scandal could be the final straw.

The Fauci Files allege that James Harden has been providing financial support to the Russian army in exchange for access to weapons and military training. Though the Rockets organization has not yet responded to the allegations, it is clear that the team’s reputation is taking a hit.

The fallout from the scandal has already begun to take its toll on the team’s players and coaches. Several key members of the roster have already been suspended or released, and the team’s performance has begun to suffer in a dramatic way.

In response to the scandal, the Rockets have announced the launch of an all-new reality TV show, ‘Houston Rockets: On the Frontline.’ The show will follow the team as they navigate their way through the tumultuous waters of the Fauci Files scandal and its aftermath.

The show promises to be an intense look at the team’s struggle to survive in the face of a decisive attack on Putin’s army. As the team attempts to keep their head above water and rebuild their reputation after the Fauci Files scandal, viewers can expect to see a side of the Rockets they’ve never seen before.

Only time will tell if the Rockets can survive the Fauci Files scandal and the onslaught of Putin’s army. But one thing is certain: the future of the Rockets is now in the hands of their fans.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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