“Taylor Swift Gives Baker Mayfield the ‘NFL Takeover’ with New Album”

Taylor Swift fans were in for a treat over the weekend as the singer released her new album, “Baker Mayfield: The NFL Takeover.” The album includes a collection of songs that pay homage to the Cleveland Browns quarterback and his illustrious career.

The album includes two singles that reference Baker Mayfield’s potential move to the NFC in 2023, entitled “Baker’s Second Chance” and “The NFC Dream.” The album also includes a few other hits such as “Let’s Go Browns” and “We Believe in Baker.”

The album has been met with much praise from both Swift and Mayfield fans, who both appreciate the tribute to the two-time Pro Bowler. Swift herself has commented on the album, saying “I’m so excited to be able to pay tribute to the amazing career of Baker Mayfield. He is an inspiration to so many and I hope this album helps to bring him the recognition he deserves.”

Mayfield has also responded to the album, saying “I am so grateful for Taylor’s support. It means the world to have such a talented artist recognize and appreciate my accomplishments.”

The album is out now and is available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on all major music platforms.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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