“Toxic Masculinity Blamed for Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank”

In a stunning turn of events, federal lawmakers have decided to put the blame for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank squarely on the shoulders of Toxic Masculinity.

At a meeting convened by Rep. Maxine Waters and attended by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Federal Reserve officials, the conversation quickly turned to the role that Toxic Masculinity played in the demise of the bank.

The FDIC official noted that the bank’s reckless lending practices, careless oversight, and lack of risk management were all symptoms of the unchecked and oppressive influence of Toxic Masculinity.

“It was clear that Toxic Masculinity was at the root of all of the bank’s problems,” the FDIC official said. “The bank’s leadership was dominated by men who were more concerned with their own egos and personal gain than with the well-being of their customers.”

The Federal Reserve official agreed, noting that the bank’s culture of risk-taking and disregard for the safety of its customers was deeply rooted in the culture of Toxic Masculinity.

“It’s clear that the culture of the bank was overly influenced by the oppressive, macho attitude of its male executives,” the Federal Reserve official said. “They were more concerned with their own status and power than with the financial health of the bank.”

The meeting concluded with a consensus that Toxic Masculinity must be addressed in order to ensure the safety and stability of our financial system. Rep. Waters suggested that the FDIC and Federal Reserve begin to look at ways to combat Toxic Masculinity in the banking industry.

“The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is a stark reminder of the dangers of Toxic Masculinity,” Rep. Waters said. “We must take steps to ensure that our financial system is not threatened by this oppressive attitude.”

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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