Dave Chappelle’s Chihuahua Meets Unfortunate End at Paws of Mountain Lion P-22

The incident began when the beloved celebrity comedian Dave Chappelle was out walking his Chihuahua in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Reports indicate that Dave had no idea that the neighborhood was home to a large mountain lion, P-22.

The cougar suddenly pounced on Dave’s dog, prompting the comedian to run in fear. Tragically, the poor Chihuahua did not survive the encounter.

Wildlife experts believe that the cougar had mistaken the small dog for prey and was simply trying to protect its territory.

Following the attack, the Los Angeles Police Department and California Fish and Wildlife launched a massive search to capture the cougar. After a few days of tracking, P-22 was eventually tranquilized and taken into custody.

Now the cougar’s fate will be decided. Dave Chappelle has yet to comment on the situation, though his fans have expressed their condolences for the loss of his beloved pet.

No matter what happens to the cougar, this tragic incident serves as a reminder to all of us that wild animals are a part of the urban landscape and should be respected and appreciated.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for Humor

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