“Trump’s Money Agenda: Nike and Powerade Sign Deals with Morant, Grizzlies Fans Worry”

The NBA world has been sent into a frenzy after former president Donald Trump announced his plans to further his campaign by pushing the agenda of the Memphis Grizzlies forward. Trump has been vocal in his support of the NBA team and is now looking to get even more involved.

This week, news broke that Nike and Powerade have signed deals with Morant to become his official sponsors. The announcement has made many fans of the game nervous, as they fear that this could be a sign of a bigger agenda from Trump.

The announcement of these deals has many fans worried that Trump is more focused on money than he is on the game. They worry that Trump’s agenda is all about the money, and not about helping the team or the players.

In addition, many fans are worried that Morant may be getting pushed into a role he is not comfortable with. The deals with Nike and Powerade could mean that Morant will be asked to do things he is not comfortable with, such as promoting products he may not actually use or believe in.

While the news of these deals has shocked many, the question remains whether or not Trump will be able to push the agenda of the Memphis Grizzlies forward. Only time will tell if Trump’s agenda will be successful or not.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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