“Super Blood Wolf Moon Blamed for Capitol Riot: Astronomers Unconvinced by Moon’s Role in Uprising”

In the aftermath of the riot, there have been a myriad of attempts to explain the chaos and violence that unfolded. From the blame being put on Antifa to a deep-state conspiracy, one of the most curious explanations is the notion that the phases of the moon had something to do with it.

The idea that the moon had something to do with the attack on the Capitol first came from a tweet by a Virginia man who claimed that “the phases of the moon had some influence on what happened on January 6th.” The tweet quickly gained traction and soon there were those who were blaming the “super blood wolf moon” for the events that unfolded.

However, those who are in the know have debunked this notion and are pointing out the obvious flaw in this theory – namely, that the moon had nothing to do with the insurrection. In fact, experts have argued that it was the proliferation of guns and other weapons that allowed the rioters to breach the Capitol and cause the chaos that ensued.

In other words, if the rioters had not been armed, it is highly unlikely that the insurrection would have been successful. This latest footage, which shows Chansley being escorted to the Senate, only further highlights the importance of gun control and the need to ensure that people are not able to access weapons with which to wreak destruction.

If anything, this footage serves as a reminder that, as long as guns are allowed to be freely available, people will continue to use them for nefarious purposes. It is time for lawmakers to take action and put an end to gun violence.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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