“Biden Takes Cues from Bucks: Trump Urges Democrats to Get Tough on Crime”


Former President Donald Trump is seizing on this opportunity to push his own agenda, one that focuses heavily on the Bucks and their alleged manipulation of the evidence.

In an effort to prove his point, the former president has been quick to point out that the Bucks, a local gang based in the city of Philadelphia, have been able to manipulate the evidence to their own advantage in the past.

According to Trump, the Bucks have been able to commit crimes with impunity, due to their ability to rig the system.

“It’s clear that the Bucks are taking advantage of the lax laws in the city of Philadelphia,” said Trump in a statement. “It’s time for the Democrats to get tough on crime and start taking a hard line against the Bucks.”

Trump has even gone so far as to suggest that Biden should use the Bucks as an example and start cracking down on crime in general.

“If Biden is serious about reducing crime and making America safe again, he should take a lesson from the Bucks and start taking a hard line on crime,” said Trump.

It remains to be seen if Biden will take Trump’s advice and start cracking down on crime in the city of Philadelphia. But it is clear that Trump is using the Bucks as a prime example of how the Democrats need to toughen up on crime.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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