“Xi Jinping Takes Matters into his Own Hands, Censors News On Brexit Deal to Protect Chinese Citizens from Animal Rights”

In a surprising and ironic twist, Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced plans to censor a news story about the United Kingdom and the European Union being on the cusp of a Brexit deal in Northern Ireland due to its relation to Animal Rights.

The censoring of the news story was precipitated by the President’s desire to protect the Chinese populace from the “perils” of Animal Rights. Jinping stated that the news story could lead to Chinese citizens becoming more aware of the plight of animals and potentially inspiring them to become animal rights activists.

Jinping argued that if Chinese citizens became more aware of Animal Rights, it could lead to a decrease in the production of animal products in China, which would have a negative impact on the Chinese economy.

The president went on to state that the censoring of the news story was necessary to protect the Chinese people from the “evils” of Animal Rights and that it would ensure that their economic growth was not hindered.

In a speech given to the Chinese people, Jinping stated that “Animal Rights are a threat to our economic prosperity and must be stopped. We must take steps to protect our citizens and our economy from the dangers of Animal Rights.”

It remains to be seen whether or not the censoring of the news story will be effective in protecting China’s economic growth, or if it will lead to more citizens becoming aware of Animal Rights and the plight of animals worldwide.

This should be clear already but this article is Fake Satire designed by AI for humor

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